Decorative Finishes...

Decorative Glazes:

Using the latest "FAUX-specific" materials and techniques, we can create for you a wall finish with much more depth, richness and visual texture than those attainable with commercially available wall paints and traditional faux methods.



View our glaze samples

Decorative Plasters:

With a wide variety of decorative plasters, the combinations of colors, application techniques, sheens and textures are limited only by the creativity of the Finish Designers. From matte to metallic, smooth to rugged, single layer to multi-layers, decorative plasters can add beauty to any room.


Matte, Olde-World, Organic & Textured Shimmer Samples Organic & Textured Metallics, Burnished Samples Strie, Directional, Complex, Glitter & Glass & Concrete Veneers Samples

Faux Finishes:

Faux meaning "false" is a term for decorative painting which is used to reproduce the look of natural materials. Techniques to replicate the natural qualities of Marble, stone, wood and fabric can transform plain surfaces into outstanding.


Marble & Stone Samples Woodgrain Samples Faux Fabric Samples

Decorative Effects:

Artistic techniques applied to plain walls or as part of a finished wall can augment visual stimulation. Whether hand-painted, stencilled, masked or randomly achieved, decorative effects can be customized to create unique decorative statements.


Hand Painting Effects Stencil Effects Tile & Brick EffectsTissue Textures

Cabinet Finishes:

Applied to surfaces other than walls, decorative techniques can be used to refinish or embellish doors, moldings, cabinets and more. Virtually any combination of techniques, materials and effects can be applied to enhance furniture and decor.


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